There was a war waging within
Dark clouds mixed with bright lights
And I could not run away from either
They were both aspects of soul
Crying and screaming at each other
So loudly that they had awoken all the great birds of Gaia
Which now picked at the open wounds & vulnerabilities of my heart
My soul lay bare, naked and open
Underneath the vast skies
For all the cosmos to see 
And as I clung to the flesh of Gaia
I cried the many tears of many lifetimes
And bled the blood of every persecution
Like lava unto the open seas
And the great winds from the south grew stronger 
Until I could no longer sense the warmth of the sun 
And my tears could no longer fall down my cheeks
And with every ounce of breath I had left in me 
I called out to all that is and ever will be - 
'What is it you want!? What is it you wish to take from me?'
For I surrender it all 
So that you may now feel complete
As I cannot be destroyed
For I am YOU and you are ME

I had surrendered 
To the greatest of surrenders
To the illusion of separation



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