Nikola Tesla was the greatest 'code hacker' to have ever lived. A man that dedicated his life to deciphering the codes of the UNIVERSE, the universal language that humanity still has not quite grasped yet.

This is not a biography of him, nor a summary of his great inventions. It is my personal tribute to a great soul that wandered this planet, a genius and humanitarian that still until this day has never fully received the true recognition that he deserves. A great example of a man who did not 'fit into the norms' of society and the world, but who did not limit himself or his passion in any way because of it. He stayed true to himself and his frequency for the entire duration of his existence here. 

I first came across the work of Nikola some years ago when a friend sent me information on him.  Within a few minutes of reading I knew that he was an individual of much higher consciousness. I felt a strong connection and a powerful sense of admiration for him and his earthly quests. The world often deemed him as being crazy, but I think he just existed in a frequency that humanity could not entirely relate too. Just because most people are tuned into one particular frequency band, does not mean that it is the only one that exists. Normal is and has always been purely a matter of perception. 

Nikola was not a materialistic man, everything he ever earned he invested straight back into his lab projects. He was never seduced by the illusion of power, status and profit of this world, his soul was beyond that form of existence and thinking. His existence revolved around his advanced and thorough understanding of energy and electricity. He did not fear it as the unknown, he at all times knew that he existed at one with it. He acknowledged that he WAS energy and electricity, every part of him, he understood it's language and we all have the potential in doing so to. 

You see, as a child he was already fully aware of this multidimensional reality and was ironically born during an electrical storm in his home country of Croatia. He was often sick as a child which almost resulted in death, his childhood was not without its challenges like most of the greats. When separated from his passion he begged his father for the privilege to be reunited with it. He was aware that not being in alignment made him sick and in fact this is something that can apply to all of us. 

He never really needed note books and sketches, he often described being able to literally envision his works and formulas purely through thought and sight registry, like that of a projector. He often showed signs of psychic abilities and many people had trouble understanding his general conversation. In fact I don't think he ever saw himself as an actual scientist, but rather someone who used sciences in the hopes to achieve a better world. I relate him to more of a great innovator and hacker of universal coding. He often referred to the numbers 3, 6, 9 which I believe are in relation to Vortex mathematics. I also understand this to be similar to that of what's used in pyramid coding. All the pyramids and monolithic structures around the globe are mathematical and geometrical in nature which can be decoded by mathematicians. But I will save that for another blog that I am preparing :)

He was also highly advanced in his understanding of spirituality and food. He did not smoke or drink alcohol and was ALSO vegetarian. He understood the requirements of a high vibrational diet, he had an advanced understanding of nutrition. He was highly against how the world dealt with and prepared food. If that doesn't sound like a big deal, please be reminded he was born in 1856, where none of this was common knowledge. 

He would often describe reality on a multidimensional level and stated that Einsteins theories would always be incomplete due to the fact that his theories were based on a limited linear perspective of time space reality. 

I've often wondered how frustrating it would have been for him during his time here, processing more of the spectrum than others and then having to provide formulas and explanations which were ultimately beyond comprehension to most. To then have them burn all your labs down, steal your original work and claim it as their own and also laugh and mock your genius to your face. Such patience and endurance was required and his wisdom and knowledge being an obvious threat to many. 

Interestingly enough after he died a man named JOHN G TRUMP who was an MIT scientist, was assigned by the F.B.I, along with the U.S office of alien property to confiscate any papers held within Tesla's hotel room. Yes that's right, the current US president Donald Trumps UNCLE was the person who first laid hands on his documents. Whether this a good thing or not, that I am not sure, it could perhaps go either way. 

Some may say that he failed and died miserably alone. But I'm convinced that he was never truly alone and I don't believe he truly failed. Firstly I think he was always interacting with higher levels of energy that most cannot access and I think the world was perhaps to premature at the time to receive this understanding and wisdom - BUT he did plant it's seeds. I don't think he should have to apologize for not being a businessman, he wasn't stuck in the matrix like most people who only see money and recognition as their way to freedom and salvation. How he benefits from the decisions he made in life into the next, one can only imagine, he invented so much more than people know!

And there is so much more that we can learn from this man and his story. What if he had the support he needed, how would the world exist now electrically? What if we all stood up to the corporations today united and funded a project which proved that free electricity is a possibility and that there is no need for them to rob us and control it. Nobody technically OWNS electricity, you know that right? As individuals we must all educate ourselves and learn what rights have been taken away from humanity advancing in equality. 

I admire Nikola Tesla because of his heart and endurance. This guy had the intelligence to be the richest man of his time. But instead he dedicated himself to learning these codes that the universe is built upon, so that all of humanity could advance equally. He did not fit into this world but he did not let it deter him from his dream of ALL humans ALL having the same access to FREE global electricity. He understood how to work in harmony with the natural elements of our planet and atmosphere. He did not give in to the corrupt ways of this system by submitting to the greedy leaders and corporations who robbed us ALL of this privilege. 

I take my hat off to you Nikola Tesla and may the world never take a brilliant mind like yours for granted ever again. May we be awoken enough to recognize and stand up for ones who are here to create positive change in this world and may we support them together united as one. Thank you Nikola and may this inspire everyone to read about his story and learn of his great works.

I also apologize for the delay in my posts as I have recently set up my YOUTUBE channel where I have begun making videos which discuss topics of this nature. If you are interested in watching them or subscribing, please see my channel: IRENA B


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