I recently came across the spiritual teacher, MATIAS DE STEFANO. I found his perspective on human history very interesting and in alignment with what many indigenous and ancient cultures have often said. Many whistle blowers and other spiritual leaders have also mentioned similar information. Aswell as many of the books I have read, I was quite perpetuated with this young man who apparently received this information through memories, meditations and dreams since he was young.

Although sceptical initially, his words and knowledge are profound, much which mention things that have only more widely been considered as serious theories in recent times. Many respected scholars, scientists, archaeologists and military whistle blowers have come forward with similar theories or claims. The Law of One, Ra materials, which is a well known channelled book conducted by Professor Don Elkins during the late 1970’s, also mentions related information.

Below is a summary I put together of 3 hour talk he conducted in Spain in 2012.

We have been here for 25,000 – 26,000 years. The planets were born of the sun, they are all beings. We are not here for humanity or to help it evolve, we are here to assist the planet Earth. We are here to help with the ‘impregnation’ of this planet.

We existed many times during this cycle to train in the human experience, to understand all emotion and the understanding of good. To prepare us for this next cycle. But we are not alone in this process. This involves other Beings from different constellations. We have also come from these places. Different beings from different levels of consciousness throughout time on this planet. It has been a large-scale plan.

What is our function and who are we?

We are connected to the whole. But we have to experience experimentation in these different dimensions. This planet allows these experiences to take place. But once we are here, we are completely cut off from all prior understanding. We have to re learn everything, but for a reason. Everything has a reason, to experience different aspects of wisdom and consciousness. BUT our function is to act as a tool to canalize light, to anchor and transmute it of a planet, of a being that sooner or later will long for and need, as an individual, to become a sun. We must anchor the sunlight to this planet so it can become a sun. But this will happen millions of years ahead.
In the beginning they are etheric, they are spheres of light and the souls devote themselves to build up these systems the elementary level. From the five elements. Our world is etheric. The universe caters to many patterns and can divide, those patterns allow the creation of physical worlds and the creation of duality.

Some of us are wandering souls looking to experience, these physical worlds become vehicles for this But light cannot understand light if it is not polarized by itself. You can understand though from the view of the whole, it has to be understood and experienced in parts. The light needed to be split in different ways in order to shape souls as regards to their dark sides. But the souls have been here a long time and have densified so much that they no longer understand what they are doing here.
Your task is for light. But the darkness came for a reason, to assist the beings of light to experiment the hardest density and we have accepted it. The other beings, generate two prototypes, the equilibrium of prototypes in the duality. They come to dualize themselves.

The universe uses a system of consciousness but consciousness generates constantly and after the patterns appear consequently. It creates the woman first, the system is female, ‘divine mother’. The female pattern is chosen to canalize physically speaking the light. Understand the important role the woman within the whole system. They are vehicles that bring light. Our chakras are the body of vehicles to anchor light.

There are the beings in charge of confederation, the confederation of different levels of vibration and different levels of consciousness. They are in charge of overseeing this universal system but they cannot intervene in this process, they can only intervene if the planet is in real danger. The planet is not currently in danger, its actually us that is. If the planet extinguishes, the gate closes, if we die, we come back. We are responsible for ourselves, they are not. This was our chosen reality.

These beings however were the first ones to come to Earth and they knew it was a gate of the whole solar system. We aren’t the souls in charge of canalizing the light but rather of keeping the planet processes. And that is why they built up the etheric and physical cities, in some cases they are underground which are called ‘the pillars of earth’. These pillars are the connections of the earth which connect the underground cities that play a role is supporting these processes.

After this, we then came with different intergalactic races. They helped put it all in place, for us to bring the light in but they ultimately left us to see how we could manage this on our own.

These cities though have always tried to remind us to continue to maintain the process, they often try to communicate with us. They actually imprisoned beings that modified us genetically, like when other intergalactic races came and changed our genomes. They crossed the line, due to free will the process cannot be stopped but when they do, they are then imprisoned. That is where the mythological story of ‘the Gods that were imprisoned underground and put into volcanoes - the underworld’. These are the intraterrestrial cities of light.

In spain there are several interterrestrial cities. Best known is URLINDIN, now known as ERKZ, the mountain of Montserret is in charge of promoting christic vibration on the planet. They are assisting us here with the responsibilities on the surface.

When these beings saw our planets evolution and the potential of the hominid, they brought genetics from other races. Many planets have a single gene, so to avoid those genes being in danger of extinction, they put these into our bodies, to keep here all the energy of the different worlds.
Then from many races, from Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus, all came here to give us the basis for our races and genetics. The first humans on this planet were aborigines, specifically those in the Amazon, Australia and part of Africa. 

Other races then started coming who began modifying humans genetics and generated the African race, certain eastern races. The Pleiades and others founded the civilization of MU, which I call YOMIO, later Lemuria after its collapse, had to migrate, appearing as whiter races and the red races that had been working here. There was a very small race called The Blues, the blue race. They kept the spirit order on earth. They governed and taught all over the earth and that is why it was said that royals have blue blood, this is a very old saying. For example, Krishna is blue and the Mayan that painted themselves blue in honor of them.

(Please note, the following two paragraphs are broken down into a more story like format as it is perhaps the easiest way for all to follow information of events.)

The woman was given the most, she has the ability to channel in her physical-energetical body, all of the energy of the different steller systems. But there was a problem, this became the story of Adam and Eve, but there are many hidden details not told. Different races were being created all over the world, but there came one particular race, the Anunnaki, in antiquity as Aerlin, they were famous Greek and Hindu gods. They were greater and more powerful and handled the elements. These races came for mostly economical purposes, to subsist on their planet. It is a long story but ultimately they came with the purpose - to modify humans to enslave them for their own advantage. However many became frustrated with their predecessors, many of them fell in love with humans, helped them, kept a balance. Then, in the middle east, in what is known as Iran, the mountains of iran, some settled between India, Pakistan, Maldives. There was one who was called ZHEIOS, who guarded all the middle east, who took genetics from different places and used a human prototype and modified the genetics. Soon after a new Kind emerged in Lemuria named Adam but he was not the first of this prototype created. The woman was created first whose name was Ligil, Lilith, from Lilith. This is the genetic line that current man is from. When these 2 prototypes were generated, the genomes understood the purpose for which they are here, they are awaken. The men were instructed to lead and the women to teach and transmit universal knowledge to others. However, Lilith realizes that these races wanted to create a new race, she was instructed to procreate and to generate another type of genetic. To her discontent, she refused. By refusing she was sent into exile. The male the needed a genetic partner, and this is how Eve was created. Poor her, she had no soul because she came from a blood vessel removed through cloning. She was created for submission and to procreate.

During this time Lilith goes to Africa and in revenge begins controlling the whole system of Africa, bringing the African races to create an army and defeat Zheios. Zheios represents the Greek god Zeus. Once in the middle east, she orders cross breeding of the races, in which some came here seeking certain types of genetics, this is important to understand. These races need our genome to survive and to have part in this planet. These beings came from the constellation Alpha Draconis, the constellation of the Draco. Where are plenty of planets within this constellation in which they come from, Draconian generated here the famous ‘reptillians’. They negotiated a deal with Lilith to exchange universal knowledge and for her to become the queen of that land. The agreement is made and she is given the shaped serpent baton which is the emblem of the ancient kind of eqypt.
Lilith though discovers that she has been replaced, locates Eve and convinces her to rebel against Adam. A war soon breaks out between ZHEIOS and Lilith and Eve. During this time the Draconian begin to change their genetics cutting genomes. They changed the definition of the woman here, blocking the genetic power to bring light, because human genomes come from the light systems of the 5th and 6th dimensions. They modified and densified it in a way, breaking the generating structures and patterns that prevent us today of using the true potential of mankind as a race. They dismantled the controls of the human chakras causing the chakras to be disordered, causing imbalance in the genetics of all the stellar systems together received as ‘emotions’. That is why humans are disconnected to their purpose, their genetics are amended in a way so the emotions are easily in state of confusion. The woman then birthed with intense pain no longer bringing in the light during this process.

This coincided with the beginning of the era of darkness on the planet in which humans began to disconnect. The photonic light from the central sun, Sirius no longer focused directly towards our sun which alters the density and matter, the light decreases and thickens, becoming the galactic night. This causes the entire system to be influenced rather by the emotional vibrations. Certain ones knew the importance of the knowledge of their history and began to record it through various myths, legends, painting, narratives, coded but at a level of importance so that it would be hidden but not completely lost in time and memory. Such as - Freedom was depicted as a bird with open wings.
We as souls at some point reached a time in which we agreed to allow maximum density, an agreement made so that our genetics should no longer be influenced for us to hide emotion to confuse us. That during the time of the Galactic night, we would disconnect to practice maximum density.

During our time of this 26,000 year cycle, we have been very confused as to our history. Despite what some may think, the astrological chart of star signs represents the calendar in which the cycle of ages occurred. The placement of constellations in the sky marking the place in time and circular to due the nature of cycles repeating. For example, the age of Virgo was the time of Atlantis. Atlantis is Gefisdeon, this was the Empire that was the last in light and before it transitioned into darkness and forced to confront themselves.

Next begins the reign of Leo 10,000 – 12.000 years ago, this is when the Blues began to arise and influence in spirituality & knowledge. Well known ones are Osiris and Iris in the time of Eqypt. Iris was responsible for the preservation of womanhood which is still recognized today. Brotherhoods were also established during this time to help assist through the age of Leo into Cancer to help us remember. The last face to face meeting of the galactic federation also happens during this time between the different races in preparation of the dark ages head in which they would not intervene.
In the era of Cancer, the universal flood occurs and from there on the known history ends and starts a begins a new one. The era of total disconnection and maximum density: Gemini, Aries, Taurus and Pisces.

The next meeting would not be like last, as the system vibration had changed. The earth and sun had changed to a new time in their cycle. It was explained: In the new galactic dawn, the vibration of the earth will increase due to the solar storms; the sun is going to receive a much higher irradiation of a light pulsar, which will emerge from the black hole of the central sun of the galaxy. When this radiation of new energy reaches the sun, a large solar storm will enlighten all the planets and therefore the photons of matter will change which influences time. Time is not something apart from matter, it is not something to measure things that happen, but it is exactly what happens. While matter transforms, time is also transforming; that is why if matter moves in circles, time moves in circles. If time stops, matter doesn’t evolve; if matter moves and transforms, there is chaos and construction, then there is a lot of time. As we are now in a time when there is more and more light and more transformation, time goes faster!

It was also said: When the dawn rises again, there will be a process for a few years, in which the sun makes the substance not so compressed, but the photons will start to release a little, so the time will change.

There were many calendars constructed around the globe that speak about this time, which is why many cultures today like the Hopi and Maya and others, finish their calendar on December 21, 2012. It is said: There ends the time we know, because from the moment solar storms will start and they will change time, there it is no longer the same. This is the transition into the age of Aquarius.
Many legends and stories are symbolic of the transition of these ages. Stories of animals and elements of nature usually hiding the representation of the constellations and truths of earth energy changes, events and intervention of other races of beings.

Knowing the times that were to come, humans knew they needed a collaboration of souls that were underground to reconnect consciousness of the magnetism of the planet during the time of awakening. Different areas of land holding the different energies of the chakras. These areas we routed before the era of Cancer. It is not in vain that certain areas of the planet have raised territories and population, it was for these areas to unite. This path was called HARE WIFU ATUME. HARE means north, WIFU south and ATME path.

It was also called Harwitum, when abbreviated. Harwitum is the path was done from north to south to order to unify consciousness. What is consciousness? Even psychologists are aware of the thing they have called ‘collective unconscious’, which is the universal equivalent for humans of what are called mankinds information Akashic records. We, with every thought we have, are informing those records, which remain in all registers. It is all part of the magnetic network in which we are all virtually connected through. But this magnetic network has a disadvantage; if we put in fear, fear is infused throughout the entire planets magnetism. We must leave this fear behind through having greater consciousness, we can all in still awareness to this planet through this network. Each one of us has a part in this story and that’s why it is important to begin to unite, we all come with a historical network. We need to generate a maximum of united consciousness now, all the way through to the times ahead connected together.

The four things we need to know:

1.The planetary chakras
(the transfer of energy around globe)
2.The planetary nodes
(sacred geometry of the earth extends over a magnetic node network grid. When converged, they generate an important vortex of light. The ancient civilisations hold the knowledge to location of the nodes)
3.United consciousness
(We must all be connected to the same network to sustain change)
4.The female force
(divine feminine energy must be regained for regeneration and gestation of a new humanity. It can only be birthed through the female).

We must be all on the same energy network to be connected. The grid still exists but it needs to be fully activated and we are needed for ths. The fundamental thing of the network is that it is handled with magnetism, with light and therefore when the sun and photonic light switch, the change is fast. In our time it may seem long but on photon level it is very quick. And then a very important vibration will occur as has happened before. At that time, the vibration densified because the sunlight radiation coming from the centre of Sirius did not reach us directly. But now it has started to expand and it can cause many changes to happen within us. We are not fully aligned with this energy and it can make us very sick and a little crazy. Karmas will be dealt with and for some rapidly all around the same time. It is okay if you individually are not fully aligned, its more about the group as a collective. The fastest thing known by man is light, but there is actually something much faster and that is consciousness. If we are to unite and strengthen consciousness, then we can receive light more effectively.

Once the planetary chakras are aligned, a new Harwitum opens. The magnetic network of consciousness that allows a level capable of sustaining the planetary energy for the moment. Each of us is a magnetic field, but unites  together, we are going to generate a much stronger larger field. The intraterrestrial beings want us to receive information and to then activate our bodies. To activate with different foods and activities because this is preparation of why you are here.

Irena <3

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