Now we all have our gifts, every single one of us. Your gift is your way of serving the world. Enjoy it, embrace it, the joy that it brings you is what connects you to the Divine. It's like literally plugging yourself in back to source. It feels so good because you're in alignment with your true energetic self. It's organic. It's vibrant. It's liberating. It allows you to exist in that very moment, it allows you to be present, it's like a special form of meditation that allows you to uniquely harness source light and project out it into the world. Even if it's just gardening in your yard, going for walks in nature, enjoying time with your pets or children, painting, drawing, listening to music, dancing vigorously or gracefully, letting your imagination run free lost in space and time - just ANYTHING creative that brings pure joy and love into your life! When you allow yourself to practice these things, you are exercising your heart, mind, love and intelligence all at once. You as an energy are syncing them all together, like a beautiful melody, a beautiful song that is none but your own. It's your unique code that activates you and greatly influences your vibrational contribution into the great collective consciousness that we are all connected to. You have your special place in it's great symphony. 

For me, I love communications, the power and beauty withheld in words and sounds. When I started blogging and sharing my poetry, all I really wanted was an avenue where I could speak from my heart and share my truth. And for it to positively contribute to the collective in whatever way it could. Even if just 4 people read it, it was worth it. It was worth opening my heart and letting it speak out organically. It allows me time to myself where I can merge with my higher self and address the many thoughts swimming around in the back of my mind. Some loving, some inquisitive, some haunting, either or, the writing allows me to confront them, make peace and expand out.

It has allowed me to experience profound love on many levels that I never could have imagined. It has allowed me to feel that love is real, it's a real thing and there is so much of it available to us if we just allowed ourselves to feel and receive it. And the process has humbled me more than anything, so much so that I have often broken down and wept while writing them. Those tears are the best ones though. You know, when you're lost in those moments of gratitude, where something has stirred the very essence of your soul and your heart is overflowing and it just takes over you and over rules everything else in your mind and body. It shows you the sheer power that resonates in the human heart and you just surrender to it. Almost as if you are paralysed to the beauty you are experiencing, yet at the same time know that there is no truer sense of freedom to be had. It's in these moments that those layers that you have built up over time shatter and dissolve away and you are reunited with your most authentic self. 

I meet so many people who are searching for something, searching to understand some kind of mission they are on. But they miss the simple fact that in order to help this world and this planet, they just need to let their most authentic self shine through and to exist as it. To exercise this light and encourage it in all others around us, to raise your vibration through our gifts which reinforce the love within us all. Sometimes your mission is just to be, to just be you and love it and to love the gifts that surround you every day. Acknowledging the beauty of a smile or the trees or how your dog wags it's tail at you when you say it's name with love. That's what the planet needs you to do, it's not about one person trying to save the world or having a label like a starseed, an indigo or a wanderer, it's about us uniting on a vibrational level together to heal and maintain the collective consciousness. It only mirrors back what we give it and it is now time for the restoration of it. 

So I encourage you to find your light and let it flow through you as much as you can in this life through your gifts. The more you do, the more powerful it becomes and the more powerful you become. It's one of the greatest things to be experienced here in this reality, no matter what your path consists of. No matter how small or grand the world may deem your gift to be, may you never lose focus of emitting this genuine love throughout your journey. Love is the most greatest frequency of them all and your gifts emit this love! It is the frequency of manifestation, the frequency of freedom and the frequency of Source energy. There is nothing to fear once you let go of resistance and accept that your greatest mission here is to exist as your most authentic energetic self. It's this love frequency combined with your most authentic self and merging of the higher self, that will grant you freedom from this matrix.

Peace and love to you Warriors.


  1. Truly said...Bestowing gift to someone is similar to offering love to them and its pretty to watch and lovely to hear as well

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