I know waking up can be such a lonely journey at times. Your frequency suddenly starts shifting and your interests start changing. Your whole way of thinking starts transforming and you begin to feel like you can no longer can connect to anybody. You start to view things in a different light and you begin to feel more sensitive to energies. You don't want to eat the same foods, your cravings change and people laugh at these new thoughts that you randomly come out with. 

So you sort of try to shut off and hide away. At work. Around long time friends. Family. Your partner. You try to find this happy medium to keep your life comfortable and the same. It's like you'd just rather avoid the judgement and ridicule, yet you know deep down that they just haven't reached the same stage you are experiencing. But when you come across someone who shares a similar frequency it's like your soul electrifies and starts freaking out with gratitude and excitement, and you both cherish your passing, even if it lasted just for a moment. 

In your alone time you start to read books, watch documentaries, become more curious about nature and sound. When you look up at the night sky you are marvelled by the hundreds of stars that you never paid attention to before and wonder which one is perhaps your real home. When the sun rises or sets, you feel drawn to it's rays, like it penetrates you and recharges your spirit. You feel a solitude when you are alone, like you can just let go and lose yourself to this galaxy you've discovered within you, this amazing universe you feel so interconnected to. 

Just like you, I have experienced this too. But I want you to know that you don't have to fear, deny or hide your expansion in consciousness. Let it empower you, let it ignite your soul, the sooner you do, the sooner you can be in alignment with your most authentic self. The synchronicities will start happening once you start doing YOU. 

Oh may my heart be opened
To reveal the stars within
That they may light up my soul
And shine beyond the veils of yonder

May it pass through the many constellations 
Of that which have been my home
Oh may my soul remember
It be a carrier of the codes

For Humanity to awaken
At this time I chose to be
My gifts are my way of serving the world
Great Gaia, let it be, let it be!

Irena - May your beautiful soul continue to shine it's light to the farthest ends of this Universe.

( I do not own picture credits)


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