In a dream I saw a tree,
in the centre of a small town.
A willow of wisdom,
her spirit profound.
And as she whispered to me,
my heart sank beneath the ground.
As I could see her roots burning,
well below the mound.

And I wept into the dirt,
so as to ease her pain.
For she had reminded me,
of just why I came.
To a world of such beauty,
and of such great pain.
How could have I forgotten,
this divine connection in vain

That we might sing to the dawn,
the birds and the stars.
So as to remember,
this power of expanding our hearts.
That it can transcend all light,
into all darkness.
Across every plain,
of TERRAS' great vastness.

And so I raised my sight,
and turned around.
Thanked the wise willow,
for the sacred memory found.
For I had awakened,
to the message that be -
That this transcendent planet is ALIVE,
Yes, a great sentient being.


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