One day you will wake up and understand that all your 3D superficial pursuits were part of a grandeur illusion. And that for most of your life you were manipulated and seduced by the desires of your ego. That you were put on this planet to identify and learn what source Love truly is. How to receive it and how to expand it back out to the farthest ends of this universe. That you are an extension of this Love, here having a solo experience, to see if you could identify your true origin to it somewhere along your journey. To see if you could somehow recognize the value of your true self, as a form of its vibrational Love. That your ego was actually just a manifestion of your deepest fears and insecurities created by this reality. Who are you? Why are you here? You are conscious awareness having an experience, you are energy connected to the memory complex having an experience, to see if you can reunite back to the source Creator. You are an expression of its love here to allow the Creator to also experience love. For its love to be multiplied and experienced on multifaceted levels. To test all parts of itself, to see how each conscious awareness responds. Only then will you understand ONENESS. That to destroy another is ONLY to destroy oneself. That HATE and FEAR are individual choices of response, low energetic vibrations that disconnect you from Source. That the only way back is through the raised vibration of LOVE. One must discover true self to unlock their memory of source love. Anything that does not, is lost in low densities of illusion. Why doesn't the creator just tell us this you cry? Because of the universal law of free will. Source field love cannot be manipulated or forced, it must truly be sought and discovered by the heart of the individual. The soul must learn that love is the most powerful vibration of all universal greatness that can ever be experienced. Worth more than all the precious stones & minerals of any existences. To harness this love and project it back out into all that was and is. To let it manifest and expand beyond spirit. To override all fear that exists deep within ones soul, that the heart be nourished and ignited with AUTHENTICITY. This journey is one of freedom. Freedom of ego, return to source creator.


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