If anyone is telling you that fear does not exist, they are not telling you the entire story. 

What is fear?

Fear is like an organism that exists and serves as a natural part of this matrix construct. It is an aspect of source creation that exists within this duality, which on a much larger scale serves the notion of growth to it's own evolution.  It is an aspect of this density which feeds on the lower frequency energies that can be generated by us. The more we put into it, the stronger it gets. It's how we choose to feed it thought that can make all the difference, particularly in relation to the collective consciousness that we are all apart of. And this organism is currently thriving in our fears in an absolute state of imbalance.

For quite some time now it's form has been kept extremely imbalanced and plagued with an intentional Virus. This virus causes many distortions and fully understands that it thrives in lower frequency stimulation. This being a third density reality, makes it the perfect target for frequency manipulation to occur. 

Anyone that tells you that Fear does not exist, is not taking into account the nature of the polarities or stored karmic cycles that come with this density. This density experience that we are having is all about striving for transformation, it is a journey of seeking to identify self and choosing to raise in vibration. But this virus is fully aware of that and will do whatever it needs to do for it's own survival, which is to keep you resonating at a low frequency. And through this process has evaluated that the 1D frequencies of Fear are perfect for human conditioning and subconscious programming

The term ‘FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real’ is a widely misinterpreted expression. It’s true that these shadows within us don’t have to exist. But it’s only when one learns how to DISSOLVE them at will, that this expression can become a true part of ones reality.

Fear actually plays a role in this reality that most people don’t recognize. You just need to remember that you have the power to choose how to respond to it and that you don't have to be eternally condemned to it. The trick is to not fear the fear, but rather recognize its purpose and role for its occurrence and to then consciously choose your own final reaction to it to serve as an empowerment to you. 

What does fear manifest as?

It manifests as combinations of low vibrational thoughts and patterns that are stored within your energetic self. This includes karmic cycles which we ALL experience and all need constant maintenance with – it’s what comes with this density. When we aren’t conscious of these vibrations, it can translate through all sorts of toxic emotions and stresses. Denying the existence of your shadow self, just means that you are denying these underlying shadows that exist within you. These shadows however are aspects of self that need to be healed and confronted, they are part of you. You won’t ever truly be able to experience wholeness if you deny it’s existence. It’s like holding onto these dense vibrational chains that are weighing you down, which you cannot see and which stay hidden within your subconscious. Choosing to not recognize them limits your overall progress and usually does more harm than good long term and can largely impact the state of your health.

If you don’t want feed this fear organism that exists and if you want to free yourself from these vibrational chains, then you have to go through the process of healing those aspects of your shadow self. Healing these is like clearing out or detoxing your subconscious mind from old vibrations and programming. Your physical body also acts as a chain reaction to your subconscious, so your cells and stress levels can drastically respond to this subconscious healing too in a positive way. Fear that’s stored within that the body often manifests as sickness and ailments.

How can we heal them?

Choosing to use the frequency of love to restore them. The vibration that love resonates at - is the opposite polarity of fear. It is a much higher frequency that can replace that lower aspect of fear within you. 

You can go to countless therapists and energy healers or read countless amounts of self help books, but no matter what you choose, the person that ultimately heals you is always yourself. Those other things are just there to help navigate and guide you, but it’s you who decides if you want to love yourself.

I want you to think of those superheroes in movies. No matter how perfect, powerful or mystical they appear to be, they all have to go through a process of transformation. They have to endure dark nights of the soul to advance and empower themselves - they have to face their shadow self. They have to identify the fears and make peace with that resurfaced pain and rise above it. The only way to release the dense chains is to choose to dissolve them. They choose to make the fear serve them. 

And the super villain always knows to prey on the heroes fears. They feed on that weakness, the very  frequency of it makes them feel powerful. And that’s exactly how this reality construct works, that’s exactly how the collective consciousness has consistently been manipulated. The darker forces understand this mechanism of our reality and they take advantage of it just like a virus. The fear being stimulated weakens the collective, just like a virus that attacks a weak immune system and takes over. But the virus can only thrive if we allow ourselves to be in this weakened state, along with the collective. 

If humans desire to evolve into a better future, then we have to acknowledge and know how to manage all aspects of this collective consciousness, including its aspect of fear. So as to avoid the manipulation and misuse of it. It is also essential that we understand the shadow aspects of ourselves within this reality. Because if there is one responsibility we do have, it's too understand and manage how our own personal vibrational state is contributing to the collective. 

Nothing exists in this reality without some form of purpose. Use this natural construct of fear to propel you into your greatness. Make it serve you as growth to reach your greatest potential. You may not like this 3D construct or matrix that we are in, but don’t spend your time here hating on it and gaining nothing from it. Learn how how it works, learn the language and principles of this density and then make it work for you here in the NOW. Evolve your perspective, understand how darkness serves light and how you can strategically use it to work against the virus to serve your own souls evolution and the collectives.

That’s why you came here isn’t it? 

Fear looked at me in the mirror today,
But instead of running away,
I nodded my head, smiled and said,
‘Good day to you, thank you and goodbye!’

Do not give in to the Fear, do not let them manipulate and use your frequency.



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