‘In all mystic schools there actually exists such a history and pre-history, and such absolute agreement has reigned here for thousands of years that is impossible to compare it with the agreement existing among ordinary historians even for a century. Initiates describe at all times and places essentially the same thing.’ – Rudolph Steiner

Atlantis has often been described as a mythical ancient city from fairy tales and as a child I had often seen movies inspired of it, I am sure there are many who can relate. But as an adult, I found that my first true reference was from the known philosopher Plato. Not everyone knows that he was a student of the other well-known philosopher Pythagoras, both of which were attendants of the ‘Ancient Mystery schools of Egypt'.

But before I continue, please try to erase any preconceived fantasy ideas of the stories of Atlantis that you may have gained from these story books and movies. I ask that you consider the highlighted information that I have extracted from many respected philosophers and other men of intellect, who arguably saw more of the 'spectrum' than us - with an open mind. The story of Atlantis is quite extraordinary and has a powerful message to it's story which perhaps needs to be acknowledged with more seriousness for the current times we are in.

The Greek Philospher Plato
Many argue that there are no legitimate physical historical records of its existence anywhere, rather only from  the records of men of metaphysical and esoteric wisdoms. But as stated above, there must be some form of truth or relevance to it for it to be passed down through these teachings, particularly to men of such stature. I am convinced that the mystery schools knew more about certain truths of our reality than most of our standard educational systems. Why else would only elite and selected individuals have access to these teachings and understandings. This question should be highly regarded by all individuals. The fact that our modern-day sciences still do not access things from a multi-dimensional perspective is also highly questionable. People believe and fear gods, angels, bible and spirits but dismiss any belief in a multidimensional reality. I just find these contradictions MIND BOGGLING and it provokes me to consistently question the system that we exist in and the influence on the the mass populations.

It has been described as being a continent the size of Europe, that is what we now call the oceanic floor of the Atlantic ocean, specifically between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean. It's current underwater location being the the result of many earth changes that have taken place since then, some also cataclysmic in nature. This location however is still heavily debated until this day. Some theories suggesting it to be the location of the 'Eye of Africa', which can bee seen from our satellites in space, or even a parallel/higher dimensional place. Plato described it as being built on a hill, surrounded by 7 rings of water, all joined by a tunnel which allowed the movement of their water vessels. Each ring representing different sectors of society and their level of wealth, the centre being for the priests and elites.

PLATO'S description of the CITY OF ATLANTIS (Capital)

PHOTO of 'EYE OF AFRICA' from Space

Most channelling records and other reference books also make note of it as being an important part of true history and apparently the root races of humanity. Atlanteans and Lemurians however not being the same, but rather Lemurians being the forefathers. There were also other sub-races which existed from them. It's also interesting to note that Egyptian texts mention that they received their knowledge and teachings from a prior great civilization which modern day historians have no record of. 

It is spoken as being the first earth civilization in which was technologically superior, in fact far superior to that of what we are today. That it's understanding of quantum mechanics/physics and use of crystal amplification technology systems allowed them to harness natural power so greatly that it almost destroyed them several times. As well as advanced sound healing through sound waves and laser technology to cut and move objects. The ancient megalithic structures that can be found all around the globe, such as the great Pyramids of Giza, holding strong theories in their design which support the potential used in this type of technology.

I personally believe that an advanced civilization such as Atlantis did exist, I don't think it's hard to believe that a great civilization existed before what's mentioned in modern mans current historical records. There is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that the historical 'time line' that we are taught is inaccurate and somewhat misunderstood. Particularly in consideration to the various earth cataclysms that have been suggested to have occurred. I believe that it was at a time in this planets history where the planetary cycle was at a much higher level of density/vibration, a great time of earth intelligence, where they would have existed at a much higher state in consciousness. I do however also believe that it involved the entire 'state of the planet', and that City of Atlantis was what we would describe as the capital. That is was a progressive timeline, spanning over a much longer period of time than we may be aware of. I also believe that the shape of and specific design of the capital city of Atlantis was relevant to understanding something greater in relation to sound and sacred mathematical geometry, which I will expand on later in the blog.

One thing that we have to understand though, is that in it's developmental stage their understanding of reality was not the same as what we consider it to be in today's world. It is said that it was the power that came with the gift of thought and memory that led to their demise. But at that current time, these things would have been processed in a very different way to how they are now. I know this may be a difficult to grasp, as we do not see thought and memory as a gift, it's just our ‘normal’ state of being. The word ‘normal’ however just represents a matter of perception and have noted this in my previous blogs. Everything in our reality is actually in a condition of development, and the gifts of thought and memory would have had to go through its own process of evolution in man, as well as the influence of varying elementals of those times.

In Rudolph Steiners book on Atlantis, it is said that the fifth root-race, The Aryan, were the ones to bring the power of thought to maturity to man as individuals, to which belongs civilised mankind of the present day. Prior to this, thought would have relied on the influence and guidance of higher transitional states of consciousness and other higher dimensional beings of non-human origin. These influences unfortunately did not reach the general masses as man had no capacity of this individual thought process. The individual state of a man was not understood, it had to be taught and grasped over a period. Man did not have previous references of individual thought, just as memory was still also in a condition of development. The ones who did benefit from guidance of higher beings were a select number over time who could receive the information due to the fact that they had already withheld a 'higher degree of psycho-spiritual faculties' prior to that reincarnation. But only for the purpose that it might help mankind further along its earthly path through gained leadership positions during the incarnation period on earth.

This idea and concept of self-guidance was carried out by an Aryan leader which in Theosophical literature is named Manu. He isolated his followers and impressed on them: “Hithero ye have seen those who were your leaders, but there are higher leaders who ye see not, and ye are subject to these Leaders. Fulfill the commands of the God whom ye see not, and obey him or whom ye can make to yourselves no image.” Manu’s intention was to direct humans in a way where, ‘man should make use of his thinking capacity; but the power of thought be uplifted by mindfulness of the Divine Creator.’ That the ‘invisible powers governed what was visibly before them… but there was no image for them to follow but rather that the invisible spiritual element was this Creator… Salvation can only be achieved when man gives his own self to the service of the higher powers.’ This was really all in reference to them understanding this self-guidance but still identifying their origin of Source Creator.

Although successful, this eventually lead to the constant cycle of re-establishing this connection between Source Creator, as there was no physical presence or material idol reference on earth compared to the groups prior. This was accepted though as it would distinguish individual choice. All which categorized the individual in either of the two following groups which is still prevalent today:

1. Service to others – Recognising origin to higher power and Source.
2. Service to self – The motive to only to cater to individual interests, disregarding origin to Source.

Furthermore, this knowledge was passed down through suitable selected human initiates and Manus principle teachings are still prevalent today thought various religions, teachings and philosophies (as well as the two characteristic groups).

Another particularly interesting point I came across in my research of the Atlanteans, was the use of speech. Spoken word was seen as sacred and powerful. Words were not just a form of general communication or expression, they were understood to be vibrational sound formulas and seriously condemned any misuse of the power that these tones had. They had a much more entwined relationship with nature, that the use of these speech tones also crossed over into the animal and plant kingdoms. In fact, it was said that it was actually the ‘Divine Nature working in them’ that allowed this. For me this reconfirms the deeper relationship that humans were meant to or potentially could have with this planet. That there are many intelligence's withheld in nature and the animal kingdom that we are not aware of, have forgotten and sadly underestimate. For any intelligent form of species or life, it only makes sense that frequency would hold an integral part in the foundation of their reality. Being a much more accurate and genuine form of language, allowing the harmonious extension of mathematical geometry as a physical manifestation - the result of the frequency resonance.  

Words are still vibration to this day, so this has made me deeply question humanities current knowledge of speech and how it's used. The tones, the octaves and intentions of the voice, I firmly believe we are currently at a very primitive level of understanding of what voice vibration actually is, along with its purpose. I think this goes for thought process, creativity and manifestation too. It's a whole art and science in its self, which I believe humanity will eventually evolve into using again, once it has reached an overall higher state of awareness.

This leads me to another important point of interest regarding the capital cities shape and structure, said to represent a set of complex mathematical/musical principles. This may just be the MOST important and unknown fact of all. Some believe that it was an illustration of pythagoreanism mathematics & music, however I think it was a combination, since it was said that they had an advanced understanding of sound wave technology. Just like the pyramids and other megalithic structures, I think the positioning and layout of the cities and structures of played an important role in how they harnessed and influenced forms of energy/electricity/light and sound frequency healing. I had always wondered why it has been described to have had such unique layout. The following link will show a short clip which breaks down the musical and mathematical relevance to its geometric shape:

Pythagoreanism preliminary sketch based upon the work of of Dr Ernest G McClain

Power could be harnessed by them in many ways and sadly was part of the reason for their downfall and destruction, as well as some of the other sub-races. All gradually losing the command of this ‘life-force’, however not losing the belief in the power of its existence. This became dangerous as it motivated them to seek and crave this power through forms they believed it could still be attained through - assuming that the prior races were superior because of it, which was not necessarily the case at all.

It it said that the people of Atlantis became driven by greed, lust and the obsession of genetic modification which lead to a type of sub-human slavery. Mirroring much of today - a civilization which has reached a certain level of advancement in technology, highly dependant on it, yet disconnected from 'spirituality'. A system of slavery that we can relate to in modern day, a monopoly system that would rather focus on exploiting the planets resources for profit, rather than harnessing it in natural harmonious way. Forcing humans to operate unknowingly at a low frequency, making it difficult to remember and connect to this 'life force'.

Their final destruction being a result of this greed and the supposed misuse of a unique blue stone crystal technology. Yes, we use crystals in much of modern day technology, your quartz watch, all digital electronic devices, LCD, LED and much much more. People seem to have this odd stigma in relation to crystals and they are only used for 'new age' related agendas. The famous technology hub of the world named 'Silicon Valley' is named that in relation to Silica Crystal. Crystals are conductors and transmitters and we have only touched the surface on what else they can do.

If I was to truly breakdown everything on Atlantis, I would have to submit a full book report (or several) since I believe the actual timeline expanded over quite a long period of time. And I know that regardless of what I highlight today, there will be a certain percentage of you that roll your eyes and automatically dismiss the notion that any advanced civilization existed prior to us. Even if you are never convinced of it, there is undeniably a great message that can be learned from it, even if it just the Pythagoreanism mathematical/musical principles from it's layout.

For me personally, I do not believe it was just an allegory or metaphor which simply inspired creative minds to write fantasy literature based on it. We have explored only 1% of the earths oceans, there is much we do not know about the most popular suggestion of its location in the Atlantic ocean. Why would a man of such stature spend time discussing and recording something that was of minor significance and have it stored with our ancient records until present day. Particularly when the Egyptian texts state a prior civilization existing before them. And why are men of modern times able to expand on it in such great detail, such as, Rudolph Steiner and Edgar Cayce. Why has it been reported so many times in cases of professional hypnotherapy and regression sessions with people who knew nothing of the story of Plato's Atlantis. Why does the cities geometry correspond to other ancient and non ancient structures around the globe. And mind you, not all of Plato's' transcripts on Atlantis have even been read, they have said to have been lost.

Below are links to the recorded transcripts known to have mentioned Atlantis, which is thought to be a response to a prior discussion Socrates held on ideal societies between Socrates himself, Hermocrates, Timeaus and Critias some time around 330 BC:

Please note that this has been only focusing on the general Atlantean timeline. Lemuria, planet origin and other earth timeline civilisations will eventually be discussed in other future blogs. However there is some reference to these topics in my previous blog 'HUMAN ORIGINS', please check it out

Irena B <3
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