ENERGY is such an intriguing word. There is something about its relationship to logical sciences and its equal relation to 'unseen personal connection' that gives its meaning an interesting validity. You can't see it, yet it's presence is undeniable to your reality. There is a part of you that trusts it, yet there is a part of you that has been taught to ignore it. It can represent power, intuition, vulnerability, love, fear, happiness and well just about everything. This is because we are all energy, and the best thing about it is that energy never lies.

Some time ago I had come to a point in my journey where considering energy in all things was essential to my spiritual growth. In fact, I had realised it was an essential key to understanding anything and everything about the core fundamentals of this reality. If we are all energy then, why weren't we being taught to think like energy? Why weren't we considering things from an energetic perspective? Wouldn't it allow us to process reality in a truer form? From thought, emotion to even pain? Wouldn't this also allow us to take a step back and see truths from an unbiased, non-emotionally driven, non-egotistical or non-ideological standpoint? What if everyone could process reality in this way? If pain is an energy, does this mean that ailments within our body are a type of stored energy too? What if we could change it? 

I want you to imagine a typical measurement ruler that you would use in school. Now imagine that the full length of that ruler represents the full electromagnetic spectrum of your reality. Well, an inch of that ruler represents how much you currently process of the full spectrum. It's not much is it, but thankfully that doesn't rule out the possibility of potentially accessing more of it (pun intended). Of course this is not an exact scale measurement, but I wanted to give you an idea of how little we process.

Modern science already knows that our brains currently only filter a certain amount of this full electromagnetic spectrum. Yet they don't focus on how we can increase that spectrum, or if certain people seem to access a bit more of it than others. Rather they focus all their time on trying to fit everything into a confined box model, or that tiny inch of the spectrum, trying to make sense of it all from within that. And anything that sits outside of it, is cast as unexplainable or impossible.

If something can't be explained, it's simply because it's beyond our current comprehension. And there are plenty of things in our reality that are still beyond our comprehension, which supports the notion that humans are probably at a very primitive level of awareness. For example, paranormal phenomenon is most likely a form of energy and science, it's just in a form that doesn't fit into our sciences current 'box model' of understanding. Nothing about the universe is linear, so why do we continue to assess things through a linear perspective? If we know that reality is multi-dimensional, then perhaps we should start acknowledging that in our everyday life. Perhaps we are the ones that have been limiting ourselves?

I used to say that if everyone had the same principle and value system, then there would be no reason for war, segregation or conflict. But now I find myself saying, if everyone could think and feel through the universal principles of energy, we could exist in harmony through universally coded agreements. There would be no reason for war, segregation, conflict, racism or even lies. We would be able to read a person or situation through energetic vibratory levels of frequency and color. 

Now this perspective might sound completely idealistic to some, but may I point out that everything on this planet from animals, plants to minerals and so forth, actually already exists in this way and has for as long as we've known it. Everything else knows how to survive through their instinctual awareness and connection to the natural elements except for us. Just like how a dog doesn't need to understand what language you speak, it knows how to read the universal language of your energy and vibration patterns. It's only us that doesn't know how to harness these things, isn't that strange to you, seeing as we are the supposed superior species here? I feel that the only real factor of difference is our free will but I'm not convinced we know what this 'free will' is exactly or how to even effectively use it. Perhaps long ago, at some point in our history here there was  a time that we did.

So how do we increase this spectrum? How do we increase this energetic awareness? And what is this even called? In my blogs ahead I will be delving a lot deeper into the discussion of Higher Consciousness. 

Irena  <3


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