'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another' - The law of conservation of energy.

For the past few days I have been deeply contemplating my approach to this somewhat complex topic. There are so many technical elements and just as many spiritual elements to understanding energy on a multifaceted level. Saying you are energy is one thing, but truly knowing and feeling that you are energy in this reality is another. And I don't just mean only while you are meditating or focused on thinking about it. You really do exist as energy, 24/7, of every moment, of every day, long before your mother birthed you and most likely long after your human body dies. 

And it doesn't matter what perspective you believe in scientifically or religiously; whether you are an atheist and don't believe in a god or an agnostic who can't decide. Despite all belief systems, none can deny the existence of energy or the reality of quantum entanglement. We all are and always have been energetically connected.

Yes we are all unique but no one is truly separate, we are all connected and intertwined energetically on levels you haven't been taught yet to comprehend. The state of separation is an illusion that was adopted somewhere along the way, a manipulated strategy to weaken the collective consciousness we are all an equal part of. You are so incredibly powerful as an individual energy, so begin to exist as an energy consciously.

I remember when I was in my early 20's attending film school sitting in cinematography class and my teacher an older american gentleman was teaching us about how light filters through the camera. And how the quality of the light in the frame could be altered, depending on the actions of the cinematographer. That everything in our reality was really just constant vibrating dots which formed our matter. And that technically even the wall next to us was also a bunch of vibrating dots that we just couldn't see. That was a lesson I've never forgotten, it's always served as a reminder of the important role that this spectrum plays in our life, even though it's barely recognised by us.

I want you to imagine that you have a pair of eye goggles. These are what I like to refer to as 'The energy spectrum goggles'. Now I want you to put them on and place them over your eyes. Once on, these goggles allow you to see everything in real time through an increased amount of the light/energy spectrum mentioned in my last blog. This might even remind you of the concept that the movie The Matrix was trying to show you.

You don't have to see the entire spectrum, but imagine that you can now see everything and everyone existing as energy. The trees outside, the people around you, your pet, even your food. Everything is vibrating and arrayed in an assortment of colors, each tone representing a different emotion or overall level of vibration of that energy. All speech and sound just a form of vibration. If you were in front of a mirror, what would your reflection show?

There are actually people who can see this in their everyday lives. There are many children who for quite some time think that this is what everyone sees and usually have a lot of trouble fitting in, particularly in school. We have an unfortunate tendency to not believe anything that we can't see. Academia always wants a 'formula' for things to be accepted as proven,  unfortunately our logical 'left brain' has been trained to dominate and demand this process too. But how can you prove a formula to someone who doesn't see as much of the spectrum as you do? Perhaps the key is in exercising our 'right brain' thinking just as much we do the left.

It's also interesting to know that governments and military institutes also have used individuals with higher sensory abilities for investigating for quite some time. Remote viewers, psychics to mediums have been known to participate in various projects and operations. Project Stargate is probably the most well known but I also suggest researching a man named Gerald O' Donnell who was regularly used in their remote viewing projects, he has a very interesting story.  Yes, that's right, this is a real thing. These abilities have mostly been misunderstood throughout history, just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it's from an evil origin. In fact, if something can exist as 'evil' in this reality, then by the law of polarity it can also exist as good.

Others who can relate to this are people who experience moments during meditation or who may have experienced experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or magic mushrooms. These hallucinogenic drugs of a natural form not only had valuable medicinal purposes but would at times be used to stimulate certain chemical production in the brain which assisted the individual to have a type of spiritual awakening. This was usually chosen or overseen by an elder or shaman, accessing more of the spectrum would allow the individual to connect with higher dimensions of themselves (remember that reality is multi dimensional). I think the 60's and 70's hippies movement is a strong example of this type of freedom of awareness in modern times, which pushed the love frequency out into the collective creating a movement.

Sadly these 'drugs' in modern times have also been treated as  more of an escapism which of course often leads to the tragic outcome of addiction. These natural substances were never meant to serve this purpose, nor meant to create a highly corrupt industry of drug production and trade. But the saddest part of all, is that humans aren't even aware that their brain doesn't actually need these drugs to create the chemical reaction, the individual can actually learn how to stimulate and manage it themselves through disciplined higher levels of consciousness. 

Nothing on this planet is without purpose, ancient civilisations understood this and respected it. They also understood that everything about this planet and our connection to it was spiritual and sacred.

I want to point out that whenever the reference to spirituality is used, I am not referring to forms of religion. I am talking about everything and anything that deeply effects the human spirit, the connection to the universal Divine and consciousness being the energy that connects you to it all.

It doesn't matter what your past is, where you came from, what skin color you have, whether you are a millionaire or have nothing at all. You as an energy are powerful and we are even more powerful united. Being consciously aware of our energetic connection can move us in the direction to create positive world change and raise the quality of life for all. But it begins with us as individuals and our individual quest for seeking our energetic truth. 

You are part of a collective consciousness and what you contribute to that energetically effects us all. Get to know yourself as an energy, the healthier you exist as one, the more you can positively effect the other ones around you and also protect yourself when necessary. Ultimately you are the programmer of you and your energy, no one else has the final say but you, never forget that you were born with the right to that power!

And if the initial statement of the Law of conservation and energy at the beginning of this blog is true, then this means we most likely all come from an original source of energy. And that also after our human body or vessel dies in this reality, our energy either transfers to something else or returns back to a source. 

So what makes a healthy energy? What role does quantum entanglement play in all of this? How and why are some born with the ability to access more of the spectrum than others? And what is this Source energy? I will continue to narrow all of these questions down in the blogs ahead, but I feel it is important that everyone has a fair introduction to consciousness.

And remember, whenever you are feeling disconnected, just imagine yourself putting those goggles right back on ;)

With love,
Irena <3


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