One of my underlying interests in attending the recent Consciouslife Convention in L.A. was to connect with an energy healer, I had been longing to meet a mentor who would help me understand energy through the perspective of physical manifestation. I had read so much on how low vibrational energy could manifest as physical ailments throughout the body and how higher vibrational states were healing. Although I do believe that each of us is capable of doing this on our own, I was ready to interact and learn from someone who was already at a level of increased exposure of the spectrum.

Drifting up and down the vendor aisles I saw many beautiful crystals and stones laid out upon kiosk tables. There were all sorts of holistic healing remedy services from reiki, massage, essential oils to sound healing, but it was crowded and I didn't feel particularly drawn to any of them. To be honest, I really didn't want to be sold to, I believe in being intuitively led and organically drawn to things. But I still couldn't help but feel somewhat disheartened, already accepting the fact that perhaps the opportunity wasn't yet ripe to present itself. Little did I know that the Universe had something much bigger and better in store.

It was late into the Saturday evening of the convention, when I was lined up at the hotel cafe to make a purchase. The line was long from all the attendees and I found myself in a random conversation with the gentlemen standing next to me. He was a short caucasian man, roughly in his late fifties, who introduced himself as George. He had an odd sense of quirkiness, yet seemed friendly and funny enough. It turned out that he was at the convention that day especially to attend his friends lecture. His friends name was Howard and he was an energy healer. 

Some things in life aren't so 'random' at all, rather beautiful bouts of universal synchronicities just falling into place. George had spent many years in India studying the teachings of Maharishi and for a number of years had previously taught this avenue of spirituality at UCLAIf you aren't familiar with Maharishi, he was the well known yogi who taught Transcendental Meditation. The band 'The Beatles' were most widely known to be associated with his teachings and for having attended his ashram in India.

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi and The Beatles

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
Without mentioning my specific interest in the topic, George informed me that in his older age now he taught for free. He had reached a stage in his spirituality and study where he enjoyed the simple pleasures of helping ones that came across his path. We exchanged details and said he would be touch.

It wasn't until my last day in L.A that I received a phone call from George in the afternoon asking if I was free to come around for a session. I was due to fly out that evening, I always took the exact same Qantas flight to Australia from L.A, which always departed just before midnight. But on this particular day I was notified that my flight would be delayed by at least one hour, which allowed just enough additional time for something productive!

George's house was located in the Beverly Hills area, his house was filled with different photos of spiritually enlightened masters that he had worked with and of other experiences from his journeys through out different eastern countries. I could tell that he took this very seriously and that I was grateful to be in the presence of someone very knowledgeable.

A painting of George in mediation

Seated in the lounge area, he began introducing me to simple healing methods that can be harnessed  through voiced mantras. Everything we say is a literal vibration in which we send out into the universe but that also gets sent within. The words you use and the things you talk about reveal a lot about your vibrational state. This can determine the true nature in which you speak to yourself energetically and the type of frequencies you are attracting. He placed much emphasis on words such as Love, Forgiveness, Please, Thank you, Peace and the genuine repetition of them. We speak so much in this day and age, that don't take anytime to appreciate the true value and meaning of these beautiful words. These words are a gift that we have forgotten, many of us feeling forced in their delivery. But never underestimate the power of spoken word which resonate in harmony with ones thought intentions. Use them wisely and monitor the kind of talk you expose yourself too, particularly within.

George then introduced me to a way of entering into meditation through the relaxed repetition of the breathe 'Ohm and So. This led me into one of the most profound meditations I have ever experienced. I initially felt myself floating at the surface of a large body of water, all I could hear was the sound of the soft ripples of water gently passing over my body. They were glistening and covered in tangerine in reflection of the sky above. I felt Georges presence standing next me and felt him position his hands in a certain way against my forehead. My body began to feel different, as if my body was like that of a high voltage battery being charged, energy rushing upwards towards the too of my head. His hands then released and transferred to above my head. The pressure continued building upward and my body began experiencing a type of numbness I was not familiar with. I sensed him beginning to move away, the pressure and numbness was so intense that I began to feel sort of scared. It was was surreal and I did not understand what was happening, there was a part of me that wanted to pull back but at the same time I couldn't. And within a few seconds I felt as if I was transported into another zone. I experienced myself floating by a large planet of a pale yellowish color in space. My surroundings then all turned to black and I could not associate myself as being in a form of a body. Vibrant colors of purples and blues began swirling all around, like that of visible gases or electricity. My fear then somehow transferring into states of bliss, almost overwhelming to the point of desiring to weep in joy. This experience is most difficult to explain and justify in written word alone, the state of emotion was of such purity. I then began to hear George's voice softly pull me out of the zone I was in. This was extremely difficult to do, due to the intensity and my body still feeling a state of numbness. He warned me to make it a slow gradual process (which ended up taking quite a few minutes). He began to explain how it stimulates something to do with your metabolic rate and how it can also cause headaches. He expressed how he wished he could have let the meditation run for longer but that we restricted in time due to my flight.

I spent a few minutes almost speechless afterwards. I did not quite understand what I had just experienced, anyone could of seen in my face that whatever it was it had a profound effect on me. I was only left with questions to ask him, like, did everyone experience the same thing? Why did I feel scared? What was it that he did with his hands that caused the pressure in my head?

He informed me that he had performed 'Shaktipat' during the my meditation. This can only be effectively performed by a person who has an active functioning Kundalini. It is when one transfers impulsed energy to initiate activation of ones third eye (Pineal Gland) or kundalini, which is a step towards higher states of consciousness. It cannot be forced upon a person, the individual must be at a stage of progression already. In other cases, this activation can happen randomnly, but will not usually last if the individual is not actively ready.

I proceeded to tell him what I had specifically experienced and seen. In response he smiled and said he was very happy, stating that he had originally contacted me as he had sensed potential in relation to this. It indicated that I was already connected and that I had connected on a cellular level at this time, which is what one wants to constantly strive for. That the reason I felt scared initially was because I was leaving what I had always associated as my physical identity.

He then continued to ask me, So who are you? I hesitated to say Irena, because I knew that I was only Irena at this level of reality. I actually was conscious awareness having an experience here in this vessel in this particular density. But that there is in fact a part of me that flows through each and every dimensional layer. That I had just experienced my truest energetic self, which is something we all potentially can do. This is the meaning of connecting with your higher self, it's the highest point of you that's connected back to source Creator energy. Interestingly enough it takes exploration of the inner most parts of yourself to be discovered.

He than began to expand on how pure consciousness is a real thing, and how this would also aid in expanding access to my artistry and meditation level. That you can read and study all the greatest books in the world, but it's not until you can access this, that you can begin to truly to understand what consciousness is. I thanked George for his time and left for the airport.

I want everyone to know that this was not experienced with the aid of any substance or vice, in fact I rarely drink alcohol and don't desire any type of drug (natural or unnatural). My writing and connection has never been as strong as it is now. My meditations are much more powerful and meaningful. I don't just write or read about things anymore, I am aware of myself experiencing it as my reality. And more than anything else, this has allowed me to understand the power of appreciation. It's like your heart expands ten fold from experiencing such raw power of love and beauty. It's like you have a better sense of it and you desire to acknowledge all the beautiful things that you can take in, in this dimension and all the others. The first thing I want to do every morning, is walk over to my bay window and look outside and say Thank you! Thank you! I acknowledge all the beauty of all the things seen and unseen. As if the window has been wiped so clear that my heart became a magnifying glass.

In my next blog I will dive straight into my research on the art of energy healing and the work of his friend Howard and other healers. I will then proceed into more of what the third eye is and what Kundalini is.

When does one truly see
Eye am, eye am, yes eye do see
Through the colors of light
Through the darkness in fight
I win in love and do take flight
From solar winds to sun gamma waves
I bask in the joy of  purple and blue haze
Eye am, eye am
Eye see, eye see
Tis through this true sight that I am free!

Irena <3


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