To crash and burn
Often opens the chance of alchemical rebirth
To surrender to your own emancipation
So that the soul may soar and thrive in abundance to the beauty that awaits deep within your heart
Like growing pains, strength and wisdom attained from the wounds of your glory and destruction
As a blood sapphire brilliantly burns and gleams from the suns rays
Acknowledged and empowered
Seen and appreciated
By every layer of your cosmic being
To the very core of your unique vibration
Like pearls hidden beneath the oceans waves
Precious and made over time
Beauty shaped by endurance and passion
Captivating and irregular
Waiting to be discovered and embraced
By your spirit and power
Love and joy
Courage and pain
Sorrow and demise
To be lost and rediscovered
Broken and built up
To crash and burn into your Divine magnificence


[I do not own the rights to the picture contents used in this blog post] 


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